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A & R Landscapes Cumbria has provides beautiful green lawns to many customers, from home owners, commercial sites and athletic fields.

Seeding an area of ground is the cheapest way to establish a new grassed area. This process needs to be undertaken early in the growing season for the seed to establish new roots for the growing of nice looking grass blades.

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The quick route is to turf the area. You would use this if you require an instant lawn or it's late in the growing season and you don't have time for the seed to take root. Whilst this is a quick method, it is also much more costly.

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A & R Landscapes Cumbria Lawn Turf Services

Our professional lawn turf laying service will provide you with a great looking, hard wearing lawn – great for outside activities, children or socialising in the Spring and Summer. We can help you decide when the best time to lay new lawn and whether to choose a quicker fix of turf, or take the time to grow grass from seed.

Using experienced Lawn Turf Suppliers such as A & R Landscapes Cumbria gives you the assurance that your lawn turfing project will be properly planned and executed in a professional manner by experts who understand exactly what they are doing.

We source turf locally, which is raised on farms and comes from an elite blend of seeds which makes the grass we install more disease resistant, drought resistant and more tolerant to heavy traffic. We can help you choose the best type of grass for your land, whether it’s turf or seed we can help deliver you a beautiful green lawn.

Our Service includes;

  • Removing any existing lawn
  • Rotivate the area
  • Excavate
  • Disposal of unwanted material
  • Laying the turf of your choice
  • Area is levelled to fine tilth with quality top soil

The benefits of Seeding & Turfing

The biggest difference between seeding and turfing is the time it takes for developing a mature or durable turf. Turfing is essentially transplanting a mature turf that has been cared for by a professional. Seeding involves the same process used in the establishment of turf. There are a number of variables involved in seeding, which make it difficult and many times unsuccessful for those who do it themselves.

Site Clearance

During this process we would prepare the area for the grass seeding or turf. We clear the rocks and stones in order to prime the area for grass. For a premier grass finish this is an essential process. We normally complete this task using special mechanical rakes.

Primary Cultivation & Levelling

For a perfect lawn finish land has to be levelled and the imperfections taken out. This cultivation is necessary for grass to grow and have a nice green appearance.

Pros & Cons of Seeding & Turfing

More turf types and varieties to choose from.

Seeding is less expensive than turfing.

Seeding will produce a stronger root system initially.

Turf can be laid any time during the growing season.

Turf provides instant grass/turf and is relatively weed-free in the beginning.

Turf is good for sloped areas, which are prone to erosion.

Seeding takes much longer to establish

Moisture is critical for young seedlings.

For best results, time of seeding is limited mainly to late summer and early autumn.

Turfing is more expensive than seeding.


grass at dacre castle

People who take pride in their outdoor spaces generally want a lush, green lawn during the spring, summer and early fall.

The look and feel of healthy grass cannot be beaten, and one of the key steps to achieving a lawn that looks like it came straight out of a home and garden magazine is appropriate seeding.

Lawn seeding can be done by a anyone, but it is more effective and successful when completed by a professional lawn care company. A professional will be able to tell more about the content of the soil and what types of grass will grow well in an individual yard, considering sunlight, shade and other factors, than a homeowner.

Having your lawn care dealt with by a professional ensures that top quality seed is used. Cheaper options yeild questionable results and a little more time and money is well spent in order to get the desired results. It is important to make sure the seed makes good contact with the soil and and get plenty of water in order to germinate and take root in the soil

After you have chosen the type of seed you would like the seed installed by us will be sown into the soil by hand or machine raking. Seeding can be done at any point in the year, but it is best to have it done inb the late summer or early autumn. Warm soil holding plenty of moisture allows grass seed to take root much better and grow faster. The time over the winter months allows seeds to continue to grow and strengthen before the next spring arrives.

Seeding Process

grass seed
The first step to seeding a lawn is choosing the right seed for the job.

Some lawns only require some patching up while others need all over care. Lawns that have been affected by changing weatehr conditions or have been attacked by disease or insects need to be seeded sporadically to achieve re-growth in areas where additional help is needed. Areas of heavy traffic or patches that may have died can be spot seeded.

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Lawn Renovation

If your grass area is very badly damaged it must be entirely re-grown. Total lawn "renovation" requires the removal of the old sod, de-thatching of the yard or slice-seeding, which actually puts the seeds into the soil without requiring the removal of any sod. Once the base of the yard is prepared, overall seeding can be done.

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Over Seeding

If your lawn has a lot of good grass and just needs to be thickened up it can be over seeded. This is where we place grass seed over your existing lawn using lawn aeration.

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